• Rebozo Instructor Training
    June 10, 2019 - June 11, 2019
    12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Becoming A Rebozo Instructor, the Gena Kirby Method

Instructor training for birth professionals with a passion for the rebozo

Join me June 10th and 11th in Austin Texas for a Rebozo Instructor training. This event is intimate and will be held in a private residence so space is extremely limited.

This photo was taken by Samsara Morgan at the Better Birth Foundation’s presentation of the rebozo skills & appreciation workshop in 2017


Becoming a Certified Rebozo Instructor means more than just taking a class that gives you the ability to make money. Oh NO! A Certified Rebozo Instructor understands that there are some basic components missing from not only the contemporary birth model but is often times missing from the Gentle Birth options new mothers experience on a daily basis. Security, Closeness, A Bridge, Proximity; if you have taken a workshop from Gena you know what these terms are and why they are important for tomorrows birth paradigm. You also know that these very basic ideas are often essential for the “natural” progression of birth.

But how do you place these ideas into the forefront of the laboring couple? The answer is simple. You weave all of these ideas into the fabric of a handcrafted item that has been used to assist in birth for centuries, the rebozo. As a Certified Rebozo Instructor, you will learn how to instruct birth workers all over the world about conjuring the magic of this ancient technology. You will learn how to present this information to not only the pregnant mother (who is in a much different brain state than the rest of us), but also how to convey that information to the partner by sharing how it can better help them to stay “in the game”. When the partner understands that they can use the rebozo to enhance what they bring to the birth the more willing they will be to actually use it.

Instructor training in Austin Texas 2014

Unlike other “Instructor Certifications”, where you are essentially taught exactly how to relay information to people “point by point” in a workshop environment, Certified Rebozo Instructors are placed into a constantly evolving continuing education program. This program is built on and uses information both directly and indirectly from, the incredible mentors Gena has had during her development as a doula, as well as a virtual “Who’s who” of the most incredible minds in the Gentle Birth world.

Starting with the Masters Online Rebozo Credential, you will not only view multiple versions of Gena’s workshop (no two are ever the same), but you will also have access to over 30 hours of courses and workshops ranging from Birth Sciences (Oxytocin) to Doula Self Care, A discussion of current ACOG stances and much, much more. The Certification weekend will then help to solidify all the information you have been studying, and also fine tune your presentation.

While it is important to be able to convey all of the basic principles of Gena’s class, it is not the only thing or in any way the most important. What is important is that you have a deep understanding and appreciation for the information you are sharing. People respond to appreciation. Minds are changed when your understanding and appreciation are apparent. A Certified Rebozo Instructor certification is not meant to be a superficial acronym placed after your name, rather it is meant to blow your mind and change your life. We hope that you take that change and offer it to others…


This is a great time to become a Certified Rebozo Instructor with Gena Kirby for a few main reasons.

1. People will want what you are teaching.  The benefits for you are numerous. First, Gena usually holds around 20-30 rebozo workshops per year that number would be higher but she’s only one person and that number does not reflect the number of doulas hungry for this knowledge,  someone will have to share that knowledge in cities across the United States and the world.

2. All of the NEW rebozo credential students will need a live workshop to get an Apprentice Credential or above, and the certified instructors will be the only ones who can satisfy the requirement.

3. You will be listed on the Certified Rebozo Instructors page, where people who are looking for a class can either contact you directly or post a request for a Workshop in their area which you will be able to reply to. In other words, with a maximum of 18 (that’s if we fill all 7 US spots) Certified Instructors in the US, all the requests for instruction that comes to genakirby.net, will go to you.

4. Our Certifications are a lifetime of Education. At the same time as Gena is returning to Doula work, we will be putting our emphasis on perfecting the GK University experience, as well as inviting all of Gena’s friends that she has made over the years to be contributors, or, instructors. As a Certified Rebozo Instructor, you will have access to the Masters Credential as long as you are certified. No matter where you are, or what time it is, you have access to information that will help you expand your knowledge of birth and how to transmit that knowledge to other people in the proper way. 2019 should see an explosion of new instructors and courses giving you the latest and greatest in birth and postpartum information, not to mention, business courses, self-care, history, science and more. Rebozo Certified Instructors can also take all online courses at genakirby.net at a 50% off discount. That is a lot of learning!

Unlike any other certification out there, we bring the experts to you rather than just repeating what other experts have said.
When you add the community of the Private Rebozo Instructors Facebook Page, where you will have the ability to ask questions of the current Instructors, it becomes very evident that certifying with Gena Kirby is a holistic process that seeks to fulfill the needs of someone who desires to become a teacher.

       That one time I got to share rebozo love in Debra Pascali
       Bonaro’s house in New Jersey at a Flock Yeah (2017)

One of the biggest problems most people have after completing a certification course is that after coming home with a basket full of new information, they are left almost completely on their own. Marketing your workshops, finding leads and hosts, collecting registrations and payments, holding successful events; these are all things that create questions and doubts that may keep you from taking full advantage of the certification you have just acquired. Here’s where your Certification with Gena Kirby is different:

1. You will have continuing access to the Masters Credential, and all new information that is added to it. You will be able to market your events through genakirby.com’s event page.
2. You will have an Instructor listing on genakirby.com with contact links to your email and social media accounts.
3.You will be able to peruse and contact leads who have requested workshops in their area. 4.Agreements to have registrations and payment for your events handled through genakirby.com will be available.
5.Gena will personally promote you when doing any social media in your area, or, when you request it to assist with your marketing efforts.
6. You will have access to quarterly webinars where new instruction and business coaching will be available.
7.You will gain access to the Secret Rebozo Instructor Facebook page where you will be able to commune with the other instructors.

8.You will have access to additional materials that you can promote at events to add additional income streams.

9.You will be given a personal coupon code that will give you a substantial discount for Flock Yeah and other live events.

Perhaps most importantly you will have access to Gena herself. We believe that you, as an instructor, are a direct representation of Gena, the Rebozo, it’s history and grandeur in terms of birth. We want you to succeed, as success is sharing the rebozo in a way that changes peoples lives and babies births. For that, you must be able to ask questions of your mentor. Now, while Gena is already known to be one of the more accessible teachers in the birth world, her instructors are at the top of her priority list. If you have ever certified to be an instructor, you know how important this is. If you have not, then you are lucky to have chosen this path.