Flock Yeah events are mini birth conferences. But Flock Yeah’s are not your mama’s birth conferences. They are super informal and fun. Our instructors won’t stand in front of you and read their presentations from a power point to you. They shake your worldview and give you goosebumps. They make you laugh and leave you wanting more.

Why so informal? Have we enough formality in our waking lives? Going to a conference, mini or otherwise, shouldn’t be stressful. Learning shouldn’t be boring. Stress and boredom aren’t healthy and shouldn’t be anything you pay to bear. We think and have proven that you can learn a ton and still have a good time.

My favorite parts of conferences are the learning and the friends you make at them.

I want to have all of those things but without the formality and the stress of attending a large conference. At Flock Yeah’s you get to learn from and spend quality time with speakers as opposed to just hearing someone, and then they walk off the stage.

My favorite thing about Flock Yeah’s are the relationships that are forged during them. I love getting messages about friendships that were made there and have changed the course of events for our attendees. People make lifelong connections and sometimes find new business partners. Connection in our industry is so needed and important. So, we make the connection a big part of our focus.

This video by Maya’s Nest Birth Services, gives you a feel for what a Flock Yeah Looks like.

“Flock Yeah Events are amazing! I had a chance to attend the Vancouver Flock Yeah last summer. Gena, Lesley, and Whapio presented. The information we got was so inspirational and powerful. And the connections you make with your fellow attendees are fantastic too. Great place to go to fill your cup with all the birthy goodness. -Jennifer Jasmine