This workshop is not about just teaching techniques. This class is about sharing knowledge about how to use this ancient technology to provide strength comfort and relaxation to the laboring woman and her partner. The partner gets a lot of attention in my workshop. The partner is a vital part of the process. For too long the partner has been overlooked. The partner isn’t just some other person in the labor room. The partner is a major player in the outcome of the birth. My workshop shares how to embolden the partner and how to make sure they play the integral role they need to.

This class is not about turning babies. Mother’s bodies and their babies KNOW how to be born when they are made to feel relaxed and safe this primal knowledge comes quickly. The rebozo is there to provide the safety and support necessary to allow for this innate knowledge to show itself. Our students don’t teach how to move a baby. Rather we share how to get mom relaxed enough to allow for the baby, who exists in the Delta brainwave state, to find his or her way in their own time.

The rebozo is a beautiful piece of art, a piece of my heritage and a powerful ally in pregnancy, labor, and parenting. I feel honored to travel this earth and share the wonders of this piece of my past, and I am thrilled to make it a part of your future.

For more information on rebozo use to bring the partner into the labor and more listen here: